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Getting Started


  1. An Android device that supports Cardboard, Daydream, Gear VR or ARCore
  2. A compatible headset for Daydream or Gear VR

Android Studio

Download and install Android Studio for your operating system.


For AR/ARCore:

If you plan on using the AR features, ensure that you are installing Android Studio version 3.0 or higher with Android SDK Platform version 7.0 (API level 24) or higher.


Building AR/ARCore With Android Studio

Because of existing issues with AR Core, please ensure that you have disabled instant run in Android Studio before building your application!

Prepare your device for development

  1. Enable Developer Mode on your Android device
  2. Enable USB Debugging within the Developer Menu
  3. Connect your device to your computer via USB. When a pop-up appears asking to "Allow USB Debugging?", select "OK".

For ARCore

Follow the instructions here to install the ARCore Service onto your device. For this version of Viro, we require the ARCore 1.10.0

Download the Hello World Projects

Download and unzip the Hello World projects here.

For Cardboard/Daydream

Ensure your device has the latest Cardboard, Google VR Services and/or Daydream applications installed from the Play Store. Your device may not support all 3 applications, but update all of those your device does support.


For GearVR

If you're trying to use build for GearVR, follow the instructions here to generate an OSIG file for your device. Once you have the OSIG file, place the file in your project's <project_root>/app/src/main/asset directory.

Build and Run the Hello World App

  1. Open the project for the platform you're interested in. We provide one sample project for AR, one for VR (which supports both OVR and GVR), and one for ViroViewScene (used for making 3D applications without AR and VR).
  2. If you're asked about enabling Instant Run, select 'Don't remind me again for this project'
  3. Once the project initializes, run a Gradle sync
  4. Open the AndroidManifest.xml and place your Viro API key where it says "API_KEY_HERE".
  5. Run the application!


Choosing your VR Platform

If you're using the VR Hello World project, you can select between OVR and GVR by opening the Build Variants pane on the left.