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Viro Community Fork

Active development for Viro is now occurring at the Viro Community fork. We encourage all Viro Developers to follow and get the latest updates at


Latest Release is v1.17.0 as of October 16, 2019

See Releases tab for more information

ViroCore is SceneKit for Android developers, enabling you to rapidly build AR/VR/3D applications using familiar Android tools. ViroCore supports ARCore, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream and GearVR.

ViroCore combines a high-performance rendering engine with a descriptive API for creating immersive AR/VR apps. While lower-level APIs like OpenGL require you to learn and precisely implement rendering algorithms, ViroCore requires only high-level scene descriptions. Easily add models, animations, physics, particle effects, and more to your Android applications.

Whether you are looking to build a new AR/VR application, add mixed reality features to your existing applications or create 3D apps for Android, ViroCore makes it easy to develop your immersive experience.

Why Use ViroCore?

Easy to Learn

Viro uses high-level scene descriptions, making it more expressive and simpler to learn than lower-level APIs like OpenGL. Viro also uses familiar Java APIs and works with common Android tools; you don't need to learn the ins and outs of a game engine to get started.

Open Source

As of ViroCore v1.17.0 we are now open source under the MIT License. Add, customize or extend Viro any you want. The source code is available here.

AR/VR Integration

In addition to creating entirely new applications, with ViroCore you can add AR and VR functionality to your existing 2D apps. Bring the latest technology and exciting new features to your user base.

Native Performance

The Viro renderer runs natively on your hardware for optimal performance. Create stunning scenes with support for physically-based rendering (PBR), high dynamic range (HDR), and realtime lighting and shadows. Add real-world mechanics to your objects and emit smoke, fog, fire, and other phenomena with a full-featured physics engine and particle system.